blueprint is Hong Kong's premier co-working and event space by Swire Properties. I created a series of print ads, event flyers, social media artwork, and media booklets for their events and marketing campaigns. 

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

print ad

Jumpstart magazine marketing campaign

march/april 2016 issue

Jumpstart is Hong Kong's first publication dedicated to startups and small businesses launched in 2014. The publication is available at over 350 Hong Kong venues including co-working spaces, Chambers of Commerce, private clubs, airport lounges, universities, coffee shops, marketing/PR agencies, VC Firms, hotels and numerous other locations in Hong Kong.

View the digital version live here (ad located on the last page).

seedcamp event marketing campaign

Instagram posts

media booklets for press day (printed)

Media booklets created to give an overview of the B2B tech startups that were accepted into blueprint's 6-month accelerator program.